Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Arpeggio Substitutions on "Autumn Leaves"

Here's an arpeggio study I did a few years ago. It is from Les Wise's book "Jazz Solos for Guitar" in the REH  Prolicks series. I was kind of amazed to see the entire study on-line so below you will find the notation with tabs even. You can scroll the document. Anyway, the book is great. Recommended. The video explores some arpeggio substitutions on the chord progression of "Autumn Leaves." For the theory behind the subs you need the book. In the slowed down chorus I briefly denote what is going on with subtitles.

Video Arpeggio Substitutions 


  1. I have this too, Great tuneful study book. I see you've moved the first 8 bars upto the 8th position .