Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bop Till You Drop

Joe, Martijn and Ruud 
If you haven't seen these vids before, you are about to experience some jaw droppin' boppin'. Five years ago I saw the Peter Beets Trio live at Wilou's Basement. They had as special guest US guitarist Joe Cohn. Since Martijn van Iterson was already in the trio that meant TWO kick ass guitarists on stage. And a quartet rather than a trio. Of course Peter Beets is Mr. Bebop piano himself. The Dutch Oscar Peterson. At the time the concert was part of a mini tour to promote Peter's latest Criss Cross CD New Groove that has either Joe or Martijn on guitar. And then there was Ruud Jacobs on bass. The guy that you see backing Wes Montomery in the legendary Wes in Holland videos! So fortunately there was a camera running.

Joe's Byrdland and Martijn's 125

Martijn, me and Joe Cohn

 I selected three vids from my video vault and enhanced the sound a bit. The tracks are "Parker 51", "I'm Old Fashioned" and "You're my Everything." "Parker 51" is a Stan Getz theme based on the changes of "Cherokee". The first amazing solo goes to Martijn, then Peter plays an incredible solo (leaving Joe shaking his head) and then Joe tears it up himself. Bop till you drop indeed. The vids take you back to the 1950s drummerless piano trios. Dig the 4-in-the-bar comping by Martijn.

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