Thursday, November 15, 2012

Clifford Brown on Guitar

A few years ago I studied Clifford Brown's classic solo on "Joy Spring" from the 1955 album "Clifford Brown and Max Roach." Let me tell you, the double timed bars 17 to 23 are a bitch! Playing those bars in the original tempo is extremely hard. What I did get out of that solo are some very useable II-V-I licks. You can hear and see me play the complete solo and some licks in the vid below and also the chord progressions over which the licks are played are displayed. Yeah, it's slower than the original tempo because of those horrid bars that I mentioned earlier. Also, the concept of neighbour tones is briefly shown in some licks.

Ok. Here are bars 17-23 for you to play. In the original tempo of course :) They start off in the 5th bar of the page below. Have fun!


  1. Encore Bravo pour avoir retranscrit les solos de Clifford. Ils sont magnifiques.

  2. Still struggling with this,even at slower tempo's-but enjoying it all the same. Its like" how do eat an elephant?. "a SMALL PIECE AT A TIME"

  3. may I ask which book are these pages from?