Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let's play some Neal Hefti!

Neal Hefti was a Amarican jazz trumpeter, composer and arranger. He wrote a few of my favourite jazz standards: "Girl Talk" and "Lil' Darlin."

Neal Hefti 1946

Here's "Lil' Darlin' " in chord melody style. It's a Steve Crowell arrangement. It's played as a solo piece.

Lil' Darlin'

And here I am joining the big band on the original take of "Girl Talk" here. Note how the chords blend perfectly with the horn section. Again the arrangement is by Steve Crowell. The comping section under the piano solo is not notated. The book it is from is "Guitar Solos. Jazz standards in Chord Style." Not sure if it still available. Did not see it on Steve's site.

Girl Talk

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  1. First time I heard it. Really nice tune. I'm taking this one to the shed. Thanks for the transcription.