Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Three Joe Diorio solos

In the past I have studied some solos from Joe Diorio's book "Fusion Guitar." In this book Joe constructs 16 modern and ultra-modern jazz guitar solos over eight classic jazz chord progressions. The book only has standard notation but here's a few tabs of three etudes on the chord progressions of "All the Things You Are", "Stella by Starlight" and "Blue Bossa." In the book they are not mentioned under these titles but bear such titles as "modern swing solo" and "Bossa Nova solo" etc. Unlike the title of the book suggests, there's lots of straight-ahead sounds to be discovered in it too. You will find the tabs under the vids. They are included in the vids as well.



Video Stella by Starlight

Tabs Stella by Starlight

Video Blue Bossa

Tabs Blue Bossa


  1. Thanks for making these additions to the information contained in the book. I have always thought this was a great book. Do you know the standards that the other solos/ chord progressions were based on? thanks

  2. The tunes are Blue Bossa, Stella By Starlight, Summertime, I Love You, Wave, Blues in Bb, Peaceful Journey (Diorio Original), Someone to Light Up My Life, All the Things You Are

  3. Great site you have going here. I do have all of Joe diorio's instructional books, and I don't mind if there's only standard notation, but it is generous of you to take the time to transcribe the tablature and share it. Absolutely love Joe Diorio's playing and musicianship. I'm also looking forward to working with more of the music on your site as well as checking out the interviews etc. Thank you very much for all the work and material you have put into this site that can be shared with others. It's very kind of you.
    Best Regards! ~ Glenn