Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some Joe Pass Blues

These two blues etudes are from Joe Pass' book "Joe Pass Guitar Style." AFAIK the book does not have tabs so I added them here (and in the video). Not that I advocate tabs. But people ask me for them all the time. So for once ...

Here's a video of the etude on page 35 with the tabs below:

And here's the "Modern Blues" etude (Bird changes) on page 40 with tabs below:


  1. I really love these etudes from Joe Pass, you can also find it in the book "Complete Joe Pass",the book combines five previously published books by Joe Pass; I found it really excellent!

  2. Great playing, Dutchbopper. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Appreciate the Joe Pass lesson, especially the slow down for better viewing. Great playing as always! ~Cheers!

  4. This book has finally reached the top of my to-work-on stack, so I'll be starting in it very soon. Good to hear what's in store for me.