Friday, November 2, 2012

Yet another jazz guitar blog?

By whom? My name is Dick Onstenk. I live in the Netherlands. I have been playing jazz guitar since my mid 30s and have been discussing it on the internet for ages. First in newsgroups and later on Youtube and Facebook. I am sure some of you will know me. I have used internet names such as Jazzerman, Five Sharp, and Dutchbopper. My current Youtube channel you will find under the name MrBebopguitar.

Why another jazz guitar Blog? Well, the jazz guitar blogs that I came up with when I googled under "jazz guitar blog" were often dormant or out of date. I missed the continuity in many of them. Also, I noticed a number of them had a commercial objective and I am not sure I dig that all the time.

About what? All things jazz guitar? Kind of. I don't think I want to focus on jazz guitar in the broadest possible sense, but rather on "bebop" or "straight ahead" jazz guitar. These days the term "jazz guitar" is so eclectic that it incorporates even styles that I do not fancy that much. What I do fancy is some good old fashioned or contemporary bop guitar playing. And it's not like that type of playing stopped in the 1950s. Many pros and amateurs all over the world are still studying and playing it. On an amazing level even.

Who is it for? Well, anybody that digs jazz guitar as played by Joe Pass, Tal Farlow, Barney Kessel, Jimmy Raney, Wes Montgomery,  Pat Martino, Kenny Burrell, Bireli Lagrene, Peter Bernstein, Martijn van Iterson, Jesse van Ruller etc. etc. Bop dead or alive :) I hope I will see meet many of my jazz guitar buddies from Facebook here ...

So what can you expect here? Mmmm ... Postings. Stories. Pics. Audio. Video. Transcriptions. Tabs. Gear talk. Hanging out. Fun stuff.  And what have you. We'll see.

OK. Let's go! And don't forget to subscribe so you will be informed about updates.

Dick (Dutchbopper)


  1. Nice to see you on here! I've been following your You Tube feed for many years now...and I always like a good read :)


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