Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Gibson Blindfold Test Unveiled

  • A few days I posted a Blindfold Test involving 7 Gibson guitars. I did not think anyone would be able to identify them (heck, I know I couldn't) and I was right. Still some guys were actually able to single out a few models and that is a feat in itself! It was just a fun thing and I still owe you the solution so here's the vid with the guitars "unveiled."

The correct order of the guitars is:
1. Gibson ES 125 2. Gibson Johnny Smith 3. Gibson ES 335 4. Gibson ES 175 5. Gibson L5 6. Gibson ES 350t 7. Gibson Tal Farlow

Thanks for listening and giving it a try! Especially my friends at the the jazz guitar forum.


  1. By the way. We have a definite winner now. One of my Facebook friends identified 5 out of 7. Wow. Amazing!

  2. Well, I knew I couldn't tell one from the next. The cool thing was listening to your lines - very well constructed, and no scuffling!

  3. What Roger said.

    When you consider the high cost and prestige level of some these guitars, that ES-125 (intended as an economy student model at the time) holds up with rest of them.

    Good test Dick !

  4. Personal favourites are the ES 125 and ES 335. That might be a question of recording and settings but the sound of the others seems a little bit less exciting. as if everything was there in terms of music but the guitar holds back something.

    theres definately a gibson sound and vibe anyway, all of them sound beautiful.