Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Gibson Blindfold Test

Some more guitar fun now. A few years ago I did a Gibson Blindfold Test involving 3 guitars. This year it gets way more complicated. In the vid below you will hear 7 Gibson archtops but you won't be able to see them. Each archtop clip is one minute long. They were all recorded with the same gear. Can you identify the guitars based on their sound only?

The guitars I used for the Gibson Blindfold Test are:

1976 Gibson Johnny Smith
1998 Gibson Tal Farlow
1995 Gibson L5
1987 Gibson ES 335
1951 Gibson ES 125
1982 Gibson ES 175
1992 Gibson ES 350t

I don't own all these guitars of course. These are older clips. Some I borrowed (The L5 and Johnny Smith), some I traded in over the years  (ES 335, ES 125).

To be honest. I probably could not do this myself for all 7. I tend to sound the same on any guitar. And I know, there's probably too many variables at stake for it to be scientific. Still, I would be able to pick my Gibson Tal Farlow for sure. And maybe a few others too. The clips presented in the vid are NOT on my Youtube page. None of them. No need to go there :) I will show the guitars "unveiled" later this week.

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