Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vintage Gibson at Charlee Guitars

This afternoon I visited Charlee guitars in Panningen with a friend to try out the ZT amps and to play some vintage guitars. It was well worth the trip. Ley van den Beuken, the owner, probably has one of the biggest vintage collections in the country. Stores that sell vintage guitars are rare in the Netherlands to begin with and to actually find one with a real nice collection is even rarer. Amazing to find what is probably the biggest vintage collection  in the Netherlands just over 30 car minutes from my home!

ZT Lunchbox and ZT Club
I have been looking for an inexpensive amp to take to jam sessions. I went to Charlee to try out the ZT amps and played some 7 vintage Gibson archtops either through the ZT lunchbox or the ZT Club. The Lunchbox is ok but I must admit I very much preferred its bigger brother with the 12" speaker. The ZT Club is a nice sounding amp that is not too big and not too heavy. I am playing a 1946 ES 300 through one here:

And here I am strumming an extremely rare guitar, a 1926 Gibson L5 master model.

Now for some more eye candy. I played some very old and some very expensive guitars so prepare to drool! The 1964 Gibson Tal Farlow was outstanding. I had taken my Tal Farlow reissue to compare and I must admit that I was not disappointed in my Tal at all. The pick ups in the original Tal sound a bit different though, a bit less dark. Thanks Ley for the info and stories and Aad for taking pics and filming.

1926 Gibson L5 Master Model

1936 Gibson L7

1946 Gibson ES 300
1964 Gibson Tal Farlow

1941 Gibson ES 150

1950s Gibson ES 5

1968 Gibson Johnny Smith

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