Monday, February 11, 2013

Bop Till You Drop 3: more MVI and Joe Cohn

I still owe you the third installment of the Peter Beets concert featuring Martijn van Iterson and Joe Cohn. The other vids can be seen in earlier Blog entries.

The last part of the concert consists of three tunes: "Tricotism", "Blues for Giltay" and "They Say It's Wonderful (wrong title in vid). " This completes the entire concert.

The full concert comprises 9 tunes, 6 of which I posted earlier.

Parker 51 
I'm Old fashioned
You're my Everything 
In Your Own Sweet Way
Three Little Words
Easy Listening blues
Blues for Giltay
They Say It's Wonderful

Click the tune to go to the page where you can view the video. The last three you can find below. Joe Cohn is a marvellous player and see him play with MVI was indeed a very special occasion. 


  1. Hi Dick, Thanks again for these. Incidentally, isn't that second last video "They Say It's Wonderful"?

    1. Yes, you are right. I will correct that. Thanks.