Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some new Dutch jazz guitar vid stuff on the Tube

Howdy dudes. It's been a while. I have taken some time off to go on holiday and pursue other interests. Haven't touched my guitar in weeks. Anyway, on my return form the Alps I found some very interesting Dutch jazz guitar videos on the Tube. Finally some new stuff by the big Dutch 3.

Let's start off with Martijn van Iterson with the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. Here's "Blue in Green" ... The sound quality is so so but a great rendition of this tune nonetheless.

And here's some classic Wim Overgaauw for you. This was recorded years ago in 1994 when Wim turned 65. The concert was recorded live in Laren at Nick Vollebregt's Jazzcafe. A number of Wim's students participated.

Wim playing "Here's that Rainy Day":

Here's "Alone Together":

And here's "These Foolish Things".

At this particular concert a number of Wim's students played too. I suspect the following track is Jesse van Ruller. Correct me if I am wrong. If it is him, he hadn't even graduated at the time. This must be one of his first recordings. He is probably not playing his Levin guitar yet. But the greatness is all there yet.

This is a fun tune with a few of his students participating:

The party isn't over yet. I discovered a full Jesse van Ruller album on Youtube. It happens to be my favourite young JvR album. I shouldn't be posting this but I trust you guys all buy his albums anyway :)