Monday, October 28, 2013

Jazz Guitar Night at the Crow 2013

I have been organizing "jazz guitar" nights at cafe Kraaij and Balder (the Crow) for years. Usually local jazz guitarist (and my former teacher) Herbie Guldenaar joins me with a rhythm section consisting of bass and drums. In the past other guitarists from my internet network have joined us on several occasions too.

This year's issue took place on october 25 last. Contrary to our normal routine with only one or even no rehearsals at all, we decided to do 4 rehearsals so that we could transcend the "jam session level" a bit and add a few less heard standards like Pat Martino's "Lean Years", Freddie Hubbard's "Up Jumped Spring", "This I Dig", "Grooveyard"  and even an original ballad by Herbie Guldenaar. This idea proved a lot more satisfactory. What just a few rehearsals can do ...

A nice feature of the jazz concerts jams at the Crow is that they are filmed so that people can follow the live stream via the internet. The quality of the image and sound is so so, but it kind of adds a nice flavor to the shows.

I pulled off a few tracks off the live stream later so that you have an idea om what we did that night. We had a great time, that's for sure. We had local jazzers Wim Louwers on drums and Peter Krijnen on bass. There's 3 complete tunes and one compilation video. Both image and video are lofi.

                                                                   Autumn Leaves with a touch of J.S. Bach.





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