Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pat Martino's Classic Solo on "Just Friends"

Here's a classic jazz guitar solo for you to study. If you haven't already. For, there are many vids on the tube with guys playing it. It is available on the internet elsewhere but I did not come across this one with the fingerings added. So this one has TABS.

I love this solo. Classic Pat Martino. Amazingly he recorded it when he was just 22 years old. This is the one and only solo Jesse van Ruller ever transcribed and was obsessed with for a while when he was a jazz guitar student.You can read about that here 

I really need to get this one under my fingers myself. Anyway, here's the notation with tabs. It was transcribed by Jeremy Zucker a few years ago. Have fun.


  1. Hey Dick!
    I love your blog, I'm visiting it several times a week, and you write some great articles about jazz guitar in general, gear and such.

    But there is one little concern about this:
    From my point of view, while I agree this is one of the best solos ever played on just friends, and beeing a big fan of pat martino, I disagree this is a good advise for jazz guitar students to read this solo and "study" it, don't you think?
    If this solo as been useful to jesse van ruller (I'm sure he would agree ^^) It's because he transcribed it himself, learned to sing it, took lines, transposed these, understood the harmonical content of these lines, substitutions, and the different paths and directions Martino is using, used these elsewhere in different songs, played it in different tempos, was inspired new melodical and rythmic stuff by this very solo and probably enventually wrote it!
    I firmly think that studying a written solo in a book, (and ESPECIALLY in tabs!!!!) is a big loss of time, and will give the student 5% of what he could have get from this solo if he studied it the old fashioned way .
    I'd like to know what you think about that
    please keep in mind that it's only a question I had to ask because you often post that kind of stuff, and as I also teach jazz guitar I wouldn't give those advises to students ;) .
    It's a totally friendly comment, and I still love your blog, it's a wonderful jazz guitar resource and you sure are a fine player ;)

    Cheers from france,

    1. That's a silly and closed minded point of view. Everything you do with music (reading, writing, studying, transcribing, listening) enhances your output. And there's no reason you can't play this along with the record and make corrections and/or fingering changes as you see fit. Of course it's "better" to transcribe yourself but that doesn't mean there's no value in reading it. Sometimes you read just to read. If I applied your logic globally, there would be no point in reading bach etudes. Instead you should transcribe them yourself from recordings. SMH!

  2. Sure it is better to go about it as you propose but I take it that a serious guitar student will figure out the harmonical content etc. anyway. If you can only reproduce it like some classical guitar piece it makes no sense of course. Playing transcribed solos without knowing what you are doing and without integrating ideas into yoyur own playing is a waste of time. But I take it everybody will agree with that. That said, for an advanced player this will work, I am sure of that. My Blog has no educational aspiration whatsoever. It is not about teaching at all. As a matter of fact, I don't like teaching guitar that much. I haven't taught in ages.

  3. Hi,

    This is a great transcription of an amazing you have the pdf version of it?


    Struggling in SF