Sunday, December 15, 2013

Vintage Gibson Amp: the GA 75 Recording

It's not often hat I get the chance to play a vintage amp. However I was lucky to be able to play a 1965 one that does the jazz trick quite well. The Gibson GA 75 Recording with a 15" JBL speaker is a pretty rare bird. According to internet sources, only 74 were shipped in total from 1963-1967. It's a pretty simple amp. 25 Watts, no tremolo, no reverb, 2 channels, 6 tubes, 3 diodes.

The 15" JBL D-130 speaker makes it pretty good for jazz and bebop playing. Lots of bass response! If you turn down the treble control you really get those classic mellow jazz tones.

It's a bit heavy for my taste (heck, I usually play an 8 kilo amp) but it sure was fun playing it! Thanks for making this possible Toon!

I did some hasty takes on a few tunes (some clams!) so this is probably not my best playing but still ... You will get an idea of the sound. Totally vintage bop!



  1. Very sweet sounding amp. It nails the classic jazz sound in spades. Of course, with an ES-175, and a very good player, what else could we expect? Classic combo and a classic sound. I'd say you have achieved a major goal there.

  2. Heel bijzonder mooie klinkende buizen gitaarversterker:volle rijke klank met zeer prettige ronde vervorming, weergave absolute zonder hinderlijke scherpe hoge tonen.
    Deze versterker geeft al zonder toevoeging van pedalen een prachtig geluid.
    Er is gebruik gemaakt van een grote Signature JBL speaker 15" D130F.
    Het is een volledige buizen versterker met twee 6L6 buizen in balans.
    Dit is echt een aanrader voor het blues gitaarspel of begeleiding bij zang.