Monday, March 24, 2014

Doug Raney with Hugo Rasmussen

It will be no secret that I am a big Doug Raney fan. I have written about him several times earlier. I thought I knew most of his albums but I came across two drummerless trio album on Spotify that were new to me. He recorded them in 1978 and 2000 as a sideman for Hugo Rasmussen, a Danish bass player that led the sessions. On tenor there is Jesper Thilo. They are very sweet albums with mostly standards. The second album was probably meant as a sequel to the much earlier 1978 album "Sweets to the Sweet" by the same trio, which was re-released in 2001. On the first 1978 album Doug was only 22 years old!

O yeah, by now you must realise that in order to fully benefit from my Blog, you do need Spotify ...

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