Friday, March 21, 2014

Martijn van Iterson Quartet "Swarms"

Martijn's new album is on Spotify!!!! Since all of his albums are consistently good - apart from a great player he is an outstanding composer too - his latest album should on no account be missed. Martijn writes: "My fourth album as a leader, but my very first one totally self produced.Ten brand new originals with myself on Guitar, Karel Boehlee on Fender Rhodes, Frans van Geest on Double Bass and Martijn Vink on Drums."

Martijn mastering his new album
Martijn told me his new album has been digitally realeased on CDBaby,  ITunes , Google Play Store, Spotify and Amazon. You can check it out on Spotify of course but supporting the artist is best done by buying the album straight from Martijn right here with Paypal. Here it is on Spotify. Enjoy!


  1. I bought it a few weeks ago from Martijn (very fast delivery!) Very very good music!
    The "Live in Amsterdam" DVD still available here:
    is also fantastic!