Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Early Joe Pass: a few transcriptions

I have written about early Joe Pass earlier. His 1964s albums ("For Django" and "Joy Spring") have become icons of bebop guitar. And ... on these albums you will find some of the best  recorded guitar sounds ever. Joe's sound on his 175on these albums is legendary and archetypal for the genre. Of course, Joe has recorded plenty of great albums but these two are my absolute favourites.

Time for some transcriptions of these marvellous bebop lines. This is perfection. Let's start off with "For Django". Dig that fantastic bebop tone on his ES 175 while you're at it! My FB friend and author of "Sheets of Sound" Jack Zucker has been writing about this classic sound for many years now ...

The following tune you will find on his live album : "Joy Spring". Anoher super classic Joe Pass album. This album was recorded live in the same year, 1964.

And let's continue with his fantastic solo on Joy Spring. If you are interested in the original Clifford Brown solo played on guitar by me click here. Or go right to Joe's fantastic take below:

Here's the head of this take as transcribed by FB friend PM Brown:


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  2. hi mr. dutchboper . i'm great fan of yours , and still wonder why dont you go profesional , making cd' , going places and so . i have great request , can't find JIM HALL'S theme for TWO'S BLUES [ concerto album ]. only the theme , not the solo . can you pretty please help me.

    thanks in advance.