Sunday, April 13, 2014


I have been playing Carl Perkins' "Grooveyard" for years now and still love it. Such a cool tune. Somehow it is not in the classic Real Book and it is absent from most other fake book as well. No Aebersold presence either. So I made my own backing when a friend - a great bass player - came over for a jam. Here's two videos.

The first vid one is the full version with the head being played by me and with solos on guitar and bass.

The second vid is a playalong. The order is: 1 intro (4 bars Gm7 C7 ) 2 head 3 your solo 4 bass solo 5 head and 6 solo on vamp out. I do not start the tune with the pedal bass on 2 and 4 as in the sheet music. 

Thanks Bas for the great bass work! Have fun!

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