Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ibanez FG 100 versus GB 10

I came across the video below that compares the sound of the Ibanez FG 100 to the sound of an Ibanez GB 10. The guy uses the same settings and the same amp, you can actually see him switch guitars. I think this video easily demonstrates why the FG 100 is so underestimated as a guitar. Both guitars sound fine but .... if you read all the replies you will see that most prefer the FG 100 sound wise, including the owner doing the test. You will find many vintage Ibanez lovers and especially guys selling these lawsuit Ibanez guitars raving about the 70s lawsuit Ibanez L5, the Ibanez ES 175 and the Ibanez Byrdland from that period or even the GB 10 but the vintage FG 100 from the early and mid 80s? Most people do not even know it. My guess is, the real winner may well be the one mostly ignored ... Much cheaper too. For now. Under the test video I added a clip of Bruce Forman playing an FG 100. In an earlier post about the FG 100 I added a spectacular clip of George Benson playing one. Missed it? Click here. You do want to see it. Easily the hottest jazz guitar clip on the Tube :)


  1. Yes I agree the FG100 does sound better than the Ibanez. I had a GB10 but I just couldn't get on with it and sold it. Usually I test any archtop without an amp and play it acoustically. I then know it will be ok through an amp.The Ibanez sounded very dead-just me I guess. We will have to stop blogging about the FG100 as prices will go up if there are any about. No doubt someone will come out of the"woodwork" and tell me there are.

  2. There are 2 currently on ebay in the US

  3. I have an fg100 from 1982 and a 1986 gb10 and prefer the gb10, but i must tell there is difference between new and old gb10s.New ones sound stiffer unpluged, and the pickup is more harsh.So the plug in tone is not the same . I prefer my fg100 from recent gb10s. The gb10 in this clip is a newer one