Tuesday, July 1, 2014

LAG T 200 JCE electro acoustic

For a new project I needed an electro acoustic steel string guitar. My budget was limited, 700 bucks at most. I shopped around on the internet and went to a local store to try some budget electro acoustics but was very underwhelmed by the offering. I considered getting a Yamaha Silent Guitar but there was no local store around that actually carried them so I called up a Yamaha dealer in Weert and he told me that I should come over to check out this new brand that offered great value for money: LAG guitars. I had never heard of the brand. I found some demos on Youtube that sounded promising and visited their website for more info. I liked what I found so I went to Kollee Music in Weert and played an electro acoustic with cutaway (LAG T 100 ACE) that really sounded and felt great. Way better than guitars I had played that were twice the price of the LAG. Wow. It was only 399 euros. I left, seriously considering a purchase. When I revisited the LAG website again, I found out there was a Jumbo electro acoustic with a cutaway too. It looked even better than the T100 I had played at the store. So a week later I returned to Kollee Music and, by coincidence, they had received the Jumbo T200 JCE model that I had seen on the website. I picked it up and knew at once this was the one. Big, fat, deep acoustic sounds and well constructed with unexpected attention to detail. The guitar looked much more expensive than it really was (469 euro) and was vey light and responsive acoustically with a good sound balance and no dead spots on the neck. Solid cedar top, mahogany neck, back and sides. I guess the back and sides are laminate. I bought it without much further thought. I am no expert in the field of acoustics but I know a good guitar when I play one ... And, in addition, it was easily the best looking acoustic I had seen so far. It actually looks like a jazz guitar!

Here's a few clips I recorded. Though it's an electro acoustic, I miked its acoustic sound and added some reverb. I still have to record some chordal stuff. That's more what it was made for I guess. Later ...

Body and Soul


LAG T200 JCE specs:
Indonesian rosewood head with maple logo
Solid red cedar top
Mahogany back and sides with rosewood and maple binding
Mahogany neck
Indonesian rosewood fingerboard
Width at nut 1.69" (43mm)
20 medium silver nickel frets
Die-cast machine heads with "tulip" buttons
2-way truss rod
Graphite nut
Tramontane "occitane" cross rosette
Electronic StudioLâg Plus preamp & Nanoflex piezo pickup
Indonesian rosewood bridge
French Satin finish
Elixir strings
Price: 469 euro

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  1. Looks like an excellent buy. Thanks for the info.
    I've been playing mostly flat-tops at home myself of late. I have gone over to Elixir strings on my acoustics as they seem to maintain their tone a lot longer (although quite a bit more expensive). Are you happy with the strings?