Saturday, July 12, 2014

Some useful channels with jazz backings on the Tube

In the old days I used to play along with Band In a Box a lot. Later on I switched to the iRealbook on my iPad. These days, whenever I need a backing track, I just type in what I need in Youtube and I am very likely to find it there. Here's a few useful channels for backing tracks that sound ok. The tracks were made with Band In a Box 2014. There's a lot more backings on the Tube but somehow I keep on returning to these two. I hate midi sounds but BiaB has used samples of real instruments for a few years (Real Tracks). The guys that created these two channels use these.



  1. Thanks, Dick! Bye Bye Blackbird has always confused me, because there are at least two, maybe three, different sets of changes out there. Do you like this particular chart best for chords?