Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A few Andreas Oberg Licks

Andreas Oberg (1978)  is surely one of the best European bebop players. And a pretty hot gypsy player too! As a kid he took up the guitar and aged 16 he took his first jazz guitar lessons. In 1998 he started his studies at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm from which he graduated 4 years later. In 2004 he released his first album. These days he is a a very successful writer and producer of pop songs in Asia too and he runs his own on-line guitar school. 

The guy has some serious chops and likes to put his speed on display. He must be one of the fastest guns in guitar bop town. "I've never liked players who hit the strings hard except for some of the gypsies who does it naturally on acoustic. I like players who play clean and relaxed at all speeds like George Benson."

The following track is from his 2005 album : Young Jazz Guitarist". Bop till you drop!

Flavio Barba has transcribed some of his II-V licks. He gave me permission to post his video and his transcriptions here. Very nice stuff. Thanks Flavio! Watch the vid and then check out the charts.

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