Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pat Martino Trio in Concert

There are a lot of Martino vids on the internet but the one I have been watching this week really stands out because the audio and video is so beautifully recorded. It really captures the atmosphere of a live performance. And I like nothing better than Pat's playing in a Hammond trio. So have fun with this concert video that was recorded in Poland earlier this year, if you haven't already. You can watch in HD even. Fantastic stuff.


  1. Great concert!
    Pat was here in Thessaloniki, GREECE, last week, for a concert and a Masterclass.
    He is a living jazz guitar legend, a great Human being and a very good friend of mine.
    Actually I concider him to be my mentor...!

  2. If he comes to your area, make sure to check him out, Dick. It's hard to describe how he sounds live in person. The notes have a physical force coming out of the speaker I've never experienced seeing any other jazz guitarist live.