Monday, December 29, 2014

Chops monster Eddy Palermo

Here's another player few know about. Italian guitarist Eddy Palermo is a real chops monster though. His style is very in-your-face and some state he has a tendency to overplay but I must admit ... I just love that kind of playing. Exciting stuff. I could not find much info about him on the internet except that he is teaching at a music school somewhere in Italy. Some stuff in Italian but I can't read that. Both his single line playing and chordal chops are impressive and strongly rooted in the bop tradition. So I must award him the Dutchbopper Seal of Approval. He has several albums out too. Some are on Spotify. Under the videos I added a playlist of his 2010 Album "Eddy Palermo Trio" which is very nice. He is so tearing it up on the 4th track "I Love You" Check him out!

By the way, pretty anoying how the jazz singer does not even let him finish his solo in the first vid ...


  1. I have see these video's before ..great player..I hear a lot of Joe Dioro in his style

  2. He's a real burner ... I like his style ... on a side note, looking from a guitar players perspective, i've noticed on the good videos of his left hand, not a lot of stretch runs ...

    i know there are some players that advocate the 3 note per system for major scales ... i don't think it's the best approach for jazz... although good as a technique builder when playing the music i think it's too cumbersome ... another example being Jimmy Bruno

    just my opinion

    great blog BTW

  3. amazing guitarist, thanks for sharing this.

  4. Thanks for list songs. I'm listening to them now.