Friday, December 19, 2014

Martijn van Iterson solo

Always keen on finding new van Iterson footage, I came across this beautiful solo rendition of "You Don't Know What Love Is." Apparently it was recorded during a living room solo concert. Not entirely sure about that. The video quality is excellent, you can watch it in HD. What a master.

P.s. I just added another one: "Giant Steps."


  1. I love when beautiful jazz balads such as this are played in rubato. It's just so expressive. I enjoyed this immensly. Thank you Dutch, for posting it.

  2. It's indeed a 'living room' concert in Tilburg, Netherlands, 14th december 2014. Organized by my guitar teacher Walter Stadhouders in his studio. There's just enough room for 15 people so it's a very private occasion. A few of the best Dutch musicians performed here already. Like Anton Goudsmit, Reinier Baas, Ben van Gelder, Bram Stadhouders a.o.
    Martijn van Iterson is one of the best Dutch guitarplayers nowadays. This special night he played some great songs like Round Midnight, Naïma, Giant Steps, Prelude To A Kiss, Song For Niels, Alone Together, Infant Eyes a.o. It was a great evening and I was lucky again to be there.