Friday, February 20, 2015

Lock-It Guitar Straps

Some accessories make playing guitar just a bit more comfortable. Here's something that I did not know I missed until ... it was there.

Like everybody else, I do not want my beloved guitars to slip out of their straps and follow the destructive law of gravity. Yikes! I have never been enthusiastic about the existing Schaller type strap lock systems on offer. You know, the ones that require you to change the screws and buttons and drill bigger holes in your guitar and then apply all kinds of fugly metallic add-ons that rattle. I hate making alterations to my guitars in the first place. Until now I just used the good old Grolsch strap lock system I wrote about earlier in my Blog.

However, that is no longer necessary. As Jennifer Batten put it:
It's finally been invented! - a sleek, stealthy strap-locking system that's built into the strap itself. Brilliant!"

The answer is so simple yet brilliant indeed. Just put a locking mechanism in the strap itself! Lock-It Straps did it. You can get one starting from about 20 bucks and mine works like a charm on the smaller and medium sized strap buttons that are on my guitars. On larger buttons it does not run that smoothly but they will fit too. This how it works:


I found this video below on Lock-It Guitar Straps Youtube. By the way, Planet Waves has an even cheaper locking strap with a slightly different mechanism but I do not know about their quality. Anyway, these straps are highly recommended!


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