Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dutchbopper unplugged

Over a year ago I started to play in an acoustic trio so I got an inexpensive steel string, a LAG T 200 JCE. I wrote about it earlier here. The trio went nowhere so after a few months the guitar ended up in its case. However, every once in a while I pick it up and play some jazz on it. I'm not a Manouche player at all - nor do I aspire to be one - but it's cool to see how an acoustic tone works great in a bebop or swing style too. You get that gypsy vibe pretty quickly too. Love the percussive attack of the steel string. This morning I let the camera run for a while when I was going through a few standards over gypsy backings and I selected a few clips to post here. I recorded the guitar with a consenser mike and added a big fat reverb. Dutchbopper unplugged!


  1. Has playing the acoustic helped your chops with electric guitars?

  2. Always very tasteful Dick, sounds just great