Thursday, February 25, 2016

Early Versus Late Wim

Wim in the 1960s
In an earlier post I have shown a few vintage clips featuring Wim Overgaauw in the Pim Jacobs trio/quartet that were recorded in the 1960s. Meanwhile two very interesting longer videos of Wim during concerts have appeared that reflect his development to a more modern approach very well.

The first 30 minute clip is from 1968. No doubt in my mind that Wim must have been one of the best European jazz guitarists in the 1960s. Love this video.  Bebop galore!

The next video dates from 1992. It was recorded for Dutch National Radio so the sound is pretty good. Wim did only few public appearances towards the end of his life and was mostly teaching at the Hilversum conservatory so concert footage from that time is rare. I was wondering about this particular concert so I contacted the piano player who posted the clip and asked about it. At the time the concert was a live recording for Radio 4 in the CNM studio. A few original tunes by Wim were played, as well three standards. It seems the second piece was named after Wim's cat.


1 Blow (Wim Overgaauw)
2 Kalistra Axavri (Wim Overgaauw)
3 In Your Own Sweet Way (Dave Brubeck)
4 Hard Bass (Wim Overgaauw)
5 Time (Wim Overgaauw)
6 Punch-in (Wim Overgaauw)
7 Peace (Horace Silver)
8 It could happen to you (Jimmy van Heusen)


  1. Ik heb Wim Overgaauw nog nooit zo goed horen spelen (early). Bedankt voor het posten van de video.