Friday, June 10, 2016

The Amazing Eef Albers

Here's a guitarist most of you have most likely never heard of. Heck, even over here he is not very well known. Nevertheless, Eef Albers is one of the most prominent musicians in the Netherlands. He has made 4 solo CDs, but is more notably active as a teacher at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague and as a guest musician.

I'd call him a fusion player. Most of his music is in that genre. In his work, Albers uses influences from the blues, rock and jazz, as well as classical music. He's not really a traditional jazz guitarist. I've only found a few clips on Youtube that show him in a straight ahead jazz setting. But man, when Eef starts boppin' out on his Strat, he's up there with the best. Check out his solo on "I'll Remember April", which was recorded at some jazz jam a few years ago.

The second clip that I really dig is from 1988. It features Eef in a big band setting. He's playing "Moment's Notice" with the Metropole Orchestra. Amazing!

And from the same concert with the Metropole concert in 1988 here's "On a Slow Boat to China."


  1. Sounds great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi

    Heard Eef for the first time on "Focus Con Proby"
    Then "Blue Capricorn"

    Eef never really found his place in the history of the guitar

    North Sea Jazz Festival 1989 - "Eef Albers Quintet" - AMAZING, but completely "off the wall"

    Kraan Live in Hamburg 1983 - Eef Albers shreds

    Skyrider, Pyramids, Birds of the Night, Gerry Brown/John Lee, Vital Information, etc, etc, etc..

    IMHO, he should have toured with Focus instead of Philip Catherine so that he could have become more well known.

  3. Amazing player. Did not realize that there were so many great jazz guitarists in the Netherlands. Many of these are monster players.

  4. Thank you very much for reminds us about this great guitarrist: maestro Eef Albers.