Friday, December 23, 2016

Some recent Dutchbopper vids

I have been neglecting my Blog this year. No doubt about that. With few gigs and the lack of an inspiring jazz scene in the area, it's been a bit hard to stay motivated for jazz at all, let alone writing about it.

That does not mean that I haven't been active on the guitar of course. There are few days that I do not pick up the guitar. There's the occasional gig with my own vocal jazz outfit. And as you have undoubtedly noticed, I do make some videos too. I have posted a few already this year in various Blog entries but here are a few that I have shared with my Facebook and forum friends only over the last few months. Not all, but just a few that stand out.

In all of them I use backings. I am not that fond of prefab backings, especially not stiff and dull sounding digital ones, but sometimes I find one that is kind of inspiring to jam on. Usually on Youtube.

The take of "Blue Bossa" on top of the page is one of those ... I came across a few "trio" backings, played by real musicians. Some of them were nice and some even very nice. Click here to find the Youtube Channel. Here's another one from that channel: "Alone Together."

Here's a take on "Full House" I did a few months ago. I so love this tune. The backing is a Hal Leonard one. So by real players. I have written on the Hal Leonard series earlier here. It's a very good offering but this particular backing even stands out among all the fine ones. Superb.

And here's a funky take on "Donna Lee." I have recorded the tune several times but never on such a funky backing. Kind of cool though. Errr, I think ... Anyway, you can find it on the Tube.

And what to think of this unusual take on "Road Song." Good bop work out though if you go for 16th notes. Bop till you drop !!!!!

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