Monday, March 6, 2017

Ted Greene's Blues in G

I have been going through my external hard drive with old videos and I stumbled upon a blues arrangement by Ted Greene that I studied and recorded about 11 years ago. In the video I am playing three choruses. There's no Ted Greene "feel" at all so I probably only had the notation and just strummed the chords in my own way. I leave out certain bass notes that are on the notation that I have found on the web today. I may have used a different source.

This jazz blues appears to have been an actual lesson that Ted did in 1978. It features mainly chords and showcases some interesting harmonic choices.

I had completely forgotten about my old Ted Greene video but it sounded cool enough. I wondered where I got the notation from at the time so I looked for it at at but I did not find it in the blues section there. Well, probably did not even exist at the time I studied it. 

I did find a later video of Tim Lerch playing it and explaining what is going on. He studied with Ted and plays it like Ted would have done. I did not have the video at the time I recorded the vid unfortunately. Tim's video is from 2010 and mine was recorded in 2006. Anyway, here's Tim's tutorial. Now go and get your Telecaster.

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