Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Andreas Oberg Live in Concert

I have written about Andreas Oberg earlier. I'm not sure what he is up to these days jazz wise (he's making very big bucks writing and producing top hit pop tunes for the Asian market) but heck, the man has always been a player I really dig. He's one of those in-your-face chopsmeisters that some jazz snobs on fora like to discard ("I rather hear one note from Jim Hall than ...") but that I seem to prefer with a vengeance. Such an exciting player. And yes, he's great on ballads too. Guys that can play really fast are always great on slow tunes too. That's because they can really play (yawn ... are we clear here?). Oberg is simply one of the great European jazz guitarists.

The live concert is an older one from 2006. on Youtube it is chopped into 4 parts. A regular bop fest, Chops galore. That piano player (Petrescu) is insane too. Have fun ...

Click here for a playlist.


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