Saturday, October 7, 2017

But Not For Me

Every once in a while I hear a tune played in a way that really knocks me out. I came across Joe Pass' "But Not For Me" and somehow I had missed the tune and the album it is on completely ... until now. The album is from 1981 and is called "Ira, George and Joe." It is a wonderfully relaxed but totally swinging take. On the album Joe is accompanied by John Pisano (rhythm guitar) Jim Hughart (bass), and Shelly Manne (drums).

I was so inspired by the track that I wanted to do video of the tune in the same key of D and the same tempo. Of course I could not find one so I had to manipulate an existing (slower) track in a different key. First I had to transpose it and then speed it up. I used Cyberlink Wave editor to do that but there's plenty of other software that can do that too. However, the quality of the sound is often impaired. The instruments usually sound a bit funny after transposing or tempo changing ... I added a comping guitar to cover it up a bit though and then I had a usable backing. Not perfect, but usable. 

Time to record my own video take! My turn ...

How about your turn? Here's the backing if you'd like to have a go at the tune. Have fun ...

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