Monday, October 22, 2018

Peter Beets Trio with Kurt Rosenwinkel

It is not often that I watch full concerts on Youtube. It's usually isolated clips that I view. It's pretty incredible what is available on Youtube and there's so much to see ... However here's a concert that I enjoyed so throroughly that I watched all the 9 clips of the playlist in one go. The musicianship is outstanding (Peter Beets' solos are pretty out of this world too and the trio is really tight) and Kurt's modern jazz guitar sounds blend wonderfully with the more traditional, acoustic setting of the classic piano trio format. Club jazz at its best. What's more, you get to hear to hear one of the best modern jazz guitar players both on a set of standards and more modern tunes such as "Inner Urge" and the Coltrane tunes "Satellite" and "26-2." Kurt is a much more lyrical player than I thought he was. His ballad playing on "Turn Out the Stars" and "More than You Know" is superb. You can select individual tunes by clicking the icon in the left upper corner.

The concert was recorded on may 1, 2015 at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen. The mix is not the most balanced (especially for the bass player, he deserves much better) but on the whole the sound quality is decent enough. Enjoy!

Peter Beets - piano 
Kurt Rosenwinkel - guitar 
Frans van Geest - double bass 
Joost Patocka - drums

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  1. Yeah - great club gig, absolutely loved the footage. a better mix was released on youtube search for peter beets and kurt rosenwinkle "new mix."