Sunday, December 9, 2018

Jazz in Zandvoort with Vincent Koning

I have posted about Dutch jazz guitarist Vincent Koning earlier but somehow I forgot to post this concert later. The concert was recorded on april 1 2012 in the "Jazz in Zandvoort" series that feature guest musicians accompanied by the Johan Clement Trio. I am watching it right now as I am typing these words. A very enjoyable concert indeed. You will see and hear Vincent on a set of standards accompanied by Johan Clement on piano, Eric Timmermans on bass, and Frits Landesbergen on drums. It's a full concert, slightly over 2 hours. Vincent is one of the big jazz guitar cats in the Netherlands for sure. Wonderful playing.

"The Ghost, The King and I"
Vincent (1971) graduated from the Hague conservatory in 1997, where he studied with Peter Nieuwerf and Eef Albers. A year later he graduated from the Hilversum conservatory too. He is part of the drummerless trio "The Ghost, The King and I" (with Rob van Bavel on piano and Frans van Geest on bass) with which he tours and records a lot. You will find a number of vids by this trio if you look for them on the Tube. They recorded several albums. Here's a vid of them:

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