Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1964 Gibson Tal Farlow

In an earlier entry I wrote about my visit to Charlee Guitars. I played some great vintage Gibson guitars there. I still had this short video clip on my hard drive that showcases the 1964 Gibson Tal Farlow that I played at the time. I finally edited it and uploaded it. What a fantastic guitar! Unfortunately the price was pretty fantastic too!

Doug Raney

For years I have been listening to Doug Raney. It has been a consistent pleasure. For a few months now I have been listening to only him in my car audio. I simply put all the albums I have of his on a USB stick and plugged it in my car system that starts up when I drive off. I like all his work, which is mostly standard oriented. Great chops, gorgeous sound, fine tunes and a Raneyesque feel that I dig so much of his father too. Very lyrical and a true contemporary jazz guitar classic. His CDs with his father and Joe Cohn belong to the best duo jazz guitar records I have heard. A personal favourite. You will find a nice cross section of his albums on Youtube.