Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Grolsch strap lock system

I bet many of you don't know it yet. But it's real easy and effective. And dirt cheap. I have to thank the Grolsch Beer company for providing the most cost effective strap lock system currently available on the market.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Vintage Gibson Amp: the GA 75 Recording

It's not often hat I get the chance to play a vintage amp. However I was lucky to be able to play a 1965 one that does the jazz trick quite well. The Gibson GA 75 Recording with a 15" JBL speaker is a pretty rare bird. According to internet sources, only 74 were shipped in total from 1963-1967. It's a pretty simple amp. 25 Watts, no tremolo, no reverb, 2 channels, 6 tubes, 3 diodes.

The 15" JBL D-130 speaker makes it pretty good for jazz and bebop playing. Lots of bass response! If you turn down the treble control you really get those classic mellow jazz tones.

It's a bit heavy for my taste (heck, I usually play an 8 kilo amp) but it sure was fun playing it! Thanks for making this possible Toon!

I did some hasty takes on a few tunes (some clams!) so this is probably not my best playing but still ... You will get an idea of the sound. Totally vintage bop!


Vintage Ibanez: the FG 100

A Facebook friend of mine was selling an Ibanez FG 100 guitar and asked me to do a video on it for a potential buyer. I remember playing one years and years ago but I somehow had forgotten about it. Well, after picking it up I was immediately pleasantly surprised. It was a nice blonde and felt great right away. Plugged in, it sounded just fine. Way better than I could remember. So I bought it myself.

The body is laminated maple, the neck three piece maple and the pups are Ibanez Super 58. The guitar is comfortable to play because of its slighly smaller body but the sound is classic jazz guitar. I actually like this guitar's sound better than the 1977 Ibanez Johnny Smith I owned and that was a really beautiful instrument. A used FG 100 has an execellent price/quality ratio, for, you usually see them for under a grand on the internet.

This is the guitar that George Benson used on his 1986 European Tour. There is a DVD with him on this particular model. One of the most spectacular George Benson clips on the tube features the FG 100. Listen and marvel:

My FG 100 is a 1983 model. Ibanez produced it from 1982-1987. Anyway, here I am playing this blonde beauty ... I am taking it easy on a jazz ballad after all the Benson pyrotechnics!